All About Custom Military Coins

A challenge coin is a custom coin used by different associations to symbolize their brand or identity. This is usually used as a sign of membership. Possession of a medallion that has a certain organization’s emblem may mean that you are a member of that association. It is often called as the medallion or custom military coins. It is called in such a way because it is originally used by the military forces. It may have different meanings among different unions.

Challenge coins are common among people nowadays. There may be a lot of people who have these in their possession. The question is, what is it really all about? Here is the basic stuff about the medallion.


custom military coinsThe custom military coins, just like other coins, may come in different shapes and sizes. It depends on the organization’s or individual’s preference. They may also come in different sizes. So what does it looks like? These are the elements that compose the totality of the medallion. First, it has two faces, the front and the reverse. It is usually round-shaped but others do not appear this way.

The coin has an emblem embedded on it on both faces of the coin. It is the most visible part of the coin for it is the biggest image to be seen. Then, it has the union’s name on it. The year it was made can be seen at the reversed portion of it. Aside from these things, the tagline or motto of the organization may also be embedded on either side of the coin. Its color depends on the materials used in producing it.

Materials Used

The medallion is made of different elements and resources that are usually used in making regular coins as well. The materials can range from the simplest to the most precious ones. This will indicate the value of the custom military coins. They usually use basic metals for the base of it, then, they coat it with a precious finish. The metals they use are gold, silver, nickel, brass, copper and bronze. Since these metals already have their natural color, they will determine the body of the coin’s color.

The design such as the emblem is made with an epoxy coating. The epoxy coating is the material that can be colored. This is why the unions’ logos have other colors than the metals’ hues.

The Challenge

This is a tradition among the unions to ensure that their members have the custom military coins with them. The challenge is basically a dare if the members always carry their coins. Once they were not able to produce a medallion of their unit, they will have to buy drinks for the challenger or for all those who were able to produce a coin. This is how the association members are able to acquire or obtain more medallions.

The Medallion as a Reward

In some organizations, they often give challenge coins to their members as a reward. In military organizations, they usually receive this once they are promoted. Some constituents receive the coin as a sign of recognition for their achievements and the honor they have given to their union. This may also be given to the members of the association as a reward for performing well with their tasks. Officers also grant this to those people who have shown exemplary behavior while under their territory or rule. It can also encourage other members to work harder.

The Relevance

The medallion is more than just a simple coin. Yes, it is a coin, but it is does not have the same worth as a regular coin. Aside from its material value because of the precious materials used to produce it, it also has a priceless meaning on it. It has a sentimental value. It represents one’s dignity, integrity and identity as a member of one union. It is a symbol of one’s participation in a group in which the same mission, vision, beliefs and goals are shared by each affiliates.

Author Bio

Custom military coins have a distinguished history, dating back at least to World War I. If you’re shopping for military coins, Challenge Coins 4 Less is your one-stop, no-hassle solution to all your custom coin needs!

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Picking a Mister

Misters are a cooling solution that more and more people are starting to pay attention to. It provides a cool breeze of air quite similar to an air conditioner. A big difference between the misting fan and an air conditioner is that the latter can be used almost anywhere whereas the latter needs to be used in an enclosed room.

The nice thing about a misting fan is that it can provide a person the kind of cooling sensation an air conditioner does, but at the same time blow the kind of fresh air that electric fans can afford. Misting fans do not require an enclosed room in order to be effective, in fact the more ventilation the better.

There are plenty of misters to choose from. Finding the right one can be quite the conundrum if a person has no idea what it is they are doing. However, all the typical consumer really needs is a little bit of information to make sure that they get the right product. Consumers have to be vigilant to avoid the kind of mistake that will end up costing those cash in exchange for a useless piece of appliance.

Here are a few tips for those interested in getting themselves a new misting fan.

Metal or plastic misting fans

Misting fans are the same as electric fans in terms of construction materials. Both of them are either made of metal or plastic. Either option presents simple advantages and disadvantages.
Plastic is very cheap to mass produce and because of that, almost everything made of the same is cheap. Plastic misting fans are no different. The cheapest misting fans are those which are made out of plastic.

Generally speaking, consumers are strongly advised to stay away from plastic misting fans. Misting fans are typically employed outdoors thus exposing said piece of appliance to the harsh elements. Personal sized plastic misters, however, are a practical option since they are rarely used outdoors.

Metal misting fans are usually the better option. They are always more expensive than there plastic counterparts. The extra cost is worth it in the long run as metal misting fans will always be more durable than the plastic equivalent. At the very least, the head and the rotors ought to be metal while the stand our body can be plastic.

Misters with a powerful motor

The chilling effect a person receives from their misting fan is tied to the motor the misting fan uses. In an enclosed space, the amount of air a motor moves is not really that important. In an open area however, the story is entirely different.

The issue with using a misting fan in an open area is that it is an open area. Wind direction can change at any moment which might make it difficult for the misting fan to work properly. It is also important to take into consideration wind speed. Both wind speed and direction can result in resistance that will make it hard for the misting fan to do its job properly. Wind resistance can be negated or mitigated by a powerful motor, hence why consumers should look for one.

Nozzle or centrifugal system

Misting fans spray very fine droplets of water into the fan which mixes with the air. The droplets evaporate by absorbing some of the heat off of the air, thereby resulting in the cooling of the latter.
There are two kinds of systems for every kind of misting fan. Some misting fans use nozzles, while others employ centrifugal systems in their design. Either system has its own advantages and disadvantages that consumers ought to be aware of.

Misting fans that make use of nozzles tend to create a mist that people can feel. The problem however, is that they can get clogged, constantly, if a person uses hard water. Misters can also make use of centrifugal systems have misting plates that never clog while producing finer and drier mist.

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The highest rated live chat software

Are you looking for the best live chat software for your business? Are you having a difficult time communicating with your customers and you need customer support software that can provide better communication? Communication is very important especially in building trust and rapport with your clients. Attending to them one by one through calls could be a hard task. If that’s the case, you definitely need software that will be able to easily and effectively improve your communication with important people. Give time to read about this line of high rated chat software and choose from among them the one that fits you and your business.

live chat softwareAccording to the 2013 best chat software reviews, the fifth best chat software out there is WebsiteAlive. WebsiteAlive is mainly focused on community, commerce sites, and content while providing custom packages for the purpose of supplying different needs. This customer support software has the ability to turn your smart phone into a workspace. Because of this feature, you won’t be able to miss any opportunity to communicate with your customers or clients. WebsiteAlive has received a 9/10 rating from its reviewers.

The fourth place goes to Comm100 that allows its users to customize their options using preset designs in order to fit their expertise. In fact, that feature is an absolute stand out according to the reviewers simply because it helps the users make a unique chat environment. Comm100 comes into two different forms. It can be used as a web service or it can be downloaded as a program. This live chat software has received a 9/10 rating from reviewers.

The third software in the rankings is Velaro. Velaro allows you to open a number of windows letting you work with many clients at once. It is known to be user-friendly software for small and medium businesses. Like the first two software, it has also received 9/10 rating from the reviewers.

The second best live chat software is the Zopim. It is known to have a fresh look; it is easy to use and has a package with reliable features. It also has a unique design, contains a myriad of integrated problems and strong analytical tools. It has received a 9/10 rating from its reviewers.

The best chat software, according to the chat software reviews is the LiveHelpNow. This software allows you to fully customize the chat environment and also has a real-time translation that will develop brand recognition. This software has received a 10/10 rating from the reviewers. Those are the best live chat software available on the market. Now, it’s up to you to choose which one is best for your business.

ApexChat contact center will monitor your website 24×7.though its live chat software.

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Will Your Chosen SEO Company Be Doing More Harm Than Good?

Is it possible that the SEO Company you have chosen to improve your site actually becomes the reason you are penalized today? The sad truth that in some cases it’s true and this is why many website owners end up disappointed. The root cause of the problem is hiring an unreliable company at the outset.

It Might Not Be Your Current SEO Provider

A fact about penalties is that they may not be applied right away. It may take time for a website to be penalized for improper link building. If you are a website owner who goes to a different SEO provider every now and then, it may be difficult to identify the one to blame.

Bad Tactics May Lead to Penalties

SEOHow can a site be penalized because of the work of an SEO company? There are many possible reasons, but they sum up to “bad SEO tactics” employed by the company that was supposed to help you improve your website.

Many website owners who do not know what to do with their site to get higher search engine ranks and hence more visits turn to SEO companies. Unfortunately, some SEO companies with staff that lack training may do more harm than good. Of course, they might get you a ton of links and higher rank, but penalties may also come a few months later.

If you want to avoid such an SEO company, then the only solution is to go to a trusted company the first time. Go to one that really understands and knows how to do SEO.

Dealing with Penalties Due to Bad Tactics

However, if you are already dealing with penalties because of bad SEO tactics applied by an SEO service provider, you should not cancel the service and go to another company right away. Do not pretend that something bad did not happen to your site. Solving the problem is way better than pretending it does not exist.

You can deal with the penalty on your own or with a trusted SEO service provider. First, take a look at the copy of Google Webmaster Guidelines and check the problem part. Find the links that may have caused the penalty. Mark these links, and identify when they were created. In fact, you can know which company did more harm than good by doing this.

One may also choose to talk to the responsible SEO Company with regard to the penalty. However, doing such talk is not easy. Most companies will put up a defense wall and will not claim responsibility for the penalty. However, one can politely request that this company remove the bad links they built. Nonetheless, there are companies that take full responsibility for the penalty applied to a site because of bad tactics. Normally, they will remove all the links immediately.

Assessing the Risk Level of Your Backlink Portfolio

Moreover, ask a new company you plan to hire to check if your backlink portfolio is risky to avoid confusion, particularly on which SEO company is to blame. This is highly recommended especially if this company you are going to deal with has a contract that frees them from any liability for any damage that previous companies may have done to your website.

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How Social Media Applies to Effective Search Engine Optimization

Until recently, the quantity and quality of links pointing to your site was all that mattered. Because of the boom of social media, social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are now playing a factor in the ranking of one’s site. In fact, you might notice that the average SEO company today offers social media marketing services.

Effective Search Engine Optimization

social mediaOver the past few years, Google has been implementing “social signals” into their algorithm, giving increased relevance to those who have a strong social media presence. Honestly, it’s not a surprise due to the growing popularity of Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus.

So what exactly are social signals?

Social signals are the quantity of likes, +1’s, tweets, or repins a website or page receives. Many industry professionals believe that the higher the number of shares, likes, and +1’s a page has, the higher it will be ranked in Google. Your social presence now plays a huge role in where you stand in the rankings. Some are suggesting that social signals play more relevance towards your search engine ranking than backlinks. Nevertheless social signals is among one of the most significant white hat SEO services you can participate in and should not be ignored. Google’s Matt Cutts even confirmed that social signals play a huge role in your ranking; however he said that you should completely disregard backlinking just yet.

How can one integrate a social media strategy with SEO?

There are a number of measures you can take for a successful integration. Let’s take a look at a few tips:

• Write original content that is compelling and excites the reader to share
• Encourage readers to comment on directories or review sites
• Encourage debates and interaction on blogs and social networking sites
• Include share and social bookmarking buttons on all webpages (including the deeper pages of your site for more engagement)
• Set up official Facebook, YouTube, Twitter LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ accounts
• Optimize Pinterest photo comments with important keyword phrases
• Run Facebook competitions and offer photo sharing competitions. Offer a prize for the best comment.
• Utilize guest blogging to promote your company’s brand.
• Create optimized blogs and press releases and share them on social networking sites.
• Create a viral video campaign promoting your brand on YouTube.
• Ask your employees to share the facebook page and retweet on Twitter as well.

Final Thoughts

Know that it is all about creating a balance. Social signals are becoming more and more relevant, but that doesn’t mean you should completely disregard backlinking just yet.

Focus on providing your community with fresh, compelling content and in terms of your content management strategy that you do a mixture of backlinks and social signals.

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